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In a study, approximately 100 men, between the ages of 17 to 34, were asked to rate the attractiveness of images of a woman. The result of the Research shows that a lady’s Ass and her Boobs are the first parts a guy looks at when he sights a lady…


And that is so frigging truth 🙂

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Another thing is, guys, after getting too used to you tend to want to look out, and those babes out there are packaging themselves to collect him from you. The worst thing is if what he’s looking out there is *Hotter than what he’s got.


Babes, you need to smart-up, you need to look all smashing for him… Give him those figures he can never resist!


I know of so many ladies spending hundreds of thousands just to get that big hips, but guess what…


Surgery is not only expensive but it’s dangerous.


With time, if not consistently managed with the required drugs (which is expensive) tends to make your butt look rupture. That’s why you see stuff like gallop on some ladies butt.



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