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My Husband Doesn’t Like My BUTT!!!

Men Are Not Naturally a Cheat!

The problem is, men are moved by what they see and that is why a mere erotic cartoon can get a man’s d*ck hard, let alone a lady with a BIG Butt!

The story below is that of Grace Amanda! and it is 90% the reason why most men cheat all of the time.


I have been married for almost 10 years already and have a terrible problem.


Ever since my husband and I started dating, he didn’t like my butt. He admitted to that… He was always obsessed with big round butted girls and always stared at them. He tried not to, he really tried. Even sometimes whenever we were in the mall and a big butted girl was coming towards him, I always saw him not really trying to look but he would always turn around and distract himself.


But sometimes he is just surprised and if we walk up the stairs and there is a girl in front of us and there is no escape, he is unable to keep looking at her. Trying to stop and then looking again. If we watch a movie together and there is a scene with a big-ass woman, he is getting hard right away! He can’t hide it and he becomes very embarrassed. It makes me so sad!


Now, something about my butt. It’s small, flat, soft, and saggy. And there is something wrong with my muscles because it doesn’t get better no matter what I do and how much I exercise. It’s genetic. And now I am 30yo and just got pregnant. My belly starts slowly growing, but my butt shrinking even more!


I would never do a plastic surgery and I actually try to pretend with him that I like my butt and that girls with big butts are just fat (Ladies, if it’s you that have it, know that this is a lie I am telling my husband. For my entire life I looked at them jealous why my butt can’t look like that and if only fat was going in my skinny legs or butt, I would do anything I could to triple my weight so they are as big as possible!)


He really doesn’t like it and for all those years I’ve been trying to hide it but he just can’t! Sometimes he stares at it and it seems like he makes face that it looked ugly. When he doesn’t see that I see his face, for example in a mirror.


He was telling me that many years ago that my butt was not what he liked, and that he has a problem with big butt obsession but then he realized how much damage he has done and ever since he tries to fight the obsession and never talks about it again. But it has been 10 years and it’s only getting worse! Because my body is getting older too…


He never touches my butt and if he gives me a body massage he touches my butt only for a few seconds and then moves on quickly. One time we had a foreplay and I asked him to give my butt some attention and so he did but then he lost his erection and couldn’t get it back! He was embarrassed about it and I was really hurt.


My self-esteem became so low because of that, that I don’t know what to do anymore. I feel terribly ugly and unattractive, even though other people tell me always that I am very pretty.


Plastic surgery is never and option for me. That wouldn’t solve the problem and I don’t want to change my body for anybody else, I would just like to find a way to accept myself again…


The end of Grace’s experience.


You see, so many relationships and marriages are suffering from similar case like this, but most time, these men don’t open up, cos they don’t want you to see them as Spoilt brat or a Cheat!


Don’t be like Grace.. Don’t lose your relationship/Marriage of 2, 5, 10 years to a lady that knows how to get a good body shape and look more attracting and sexy.. Men are moved by what they see!!!


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