Bid Hemorrhoid (Pile) Pains Goodbye with This Amazing Pile Combo Remedy, Known to Very Few People...

This Hemorrhoid Combo has helped a lot of persons relief External & Internal Hemorrhoids, Relief itching and pains caused by pile!

Dr Joseph M.

Research had it that 7 out of 10 persons have Hemorrhoid (pile). While some are still at the early stage and not detected yet, others are in their prime stage which causes pains and bleeding.

If you are experiencing any of the following signs below, you have Pile and need to take ACTION FAST!

  • Bleeding while passing stool.
  • Pain in the anal area (your anus).
  • A Formation of lump beside anus.
  • A Swelling growth near the anus region.
  • Itching and pain.

You Need To Take Fast Action Before it gets To a Higher Stage

Introducing the Best Hemorrhoid Remedy everyone is talking about right now...

The 4-Weeks Hemorrhoid (Pile) Combo Remedy

Very Effective & Reliable 4 Weeks Pile Remedy!

The Hemorrhoid Tea consists of 100% Natural Herbs and helps you regulate hemorrhoids, anal pains, bleeding and Painperianal abscess while the Ointment compliments the effectiveness with easing of pains and external hemorrhoids

So far, it is the Recommended, Painless Treatment for Hemorrhoids by Medical Practitioners.


  • Here are what people who have used it are saying:

[Method of use]:

  • Put 1-2 hemorrhoid tea bag in a cup, then add fresh boiled water and leave it for 3-4 minutes to dissolve, then it is ready for drinking. Take twice daily; preferrably Morning and Evening for a period of 4 weeks.

  • The Ointment is for External application. Rinse the anus with clean water, apply appropriate cream to the hemorrhoids directly, twice a day for 4 weeks.

  • 1 Tablet of the recommended drug daily (you'll get a leaflet in your package showing you the drug)



For effective results, use for a period of 4 weeks (2 Tea and 2 Ointment Recommended)

Amazing thing is, It has NO Side-Effect!

The Hemorrhoid Ointment has effective anti-inflammatory, astringent and antiseptic medical properties to stimulate the skin healing process. 

It also helps to restore dilated and inflamed veins to the normal condition.

Ray bought and sent to his cousin in Spain... here's what he told us just last week

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Remember, Treatment Cycle Recommended - 2 Packs of Tea and 2 tube of ointment

Original Combo Price: GH₵300


To be used for the 4 weeks of treatment as prescribed.

(+ Free Shipping to Anywhere in Ghana And Pay On Delivery)

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(We spend money bringing it down to your location

Pls bear in mind that Delivery within Accra & Kumasi takes  24 - 48 hrs while outside Accra takes 2 - 5 working days

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    Nigeria: 0907 973 3338
    Ghana: 020 234 7549

    See What This International Customer Has to Say (from a non-english country, his english tho lolzz:))

    Fast Running Out of Stock...

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: For how long will I use this combo to get result?

    A: For an effective result, the recommended treatment cycle is 4 weeks of daily usage. Some users already started getting results after the second week, but nevertheless we advice continuing the usage for the period of 4 weeks.


    Q: Is it applicable for someone that bleeds as well during stooling?

    A: Most definitely. When you stool and you bleed, pls ensure twice daily usage; morning and evening for better results. Take the herbal tea and use the ointment alongside.


    Q: It was stated that there is a drug that will be recommended to compliment the treatment, how can we get it?

    A: Yes, very important; our doctor has recommended a drug that will be taken alongside the ointment usage for perfect result. When you place your order, the recommendation is added inside the package to be delivered to your doorstep.


    Q: Is it recommended for pregnant women?

    A: NO. Pregnant women should not use it pls.


    Q: Can I order for one tea and one ointment first?

    A: You can BUT it's advisable to complete the dosage if you really want to have a well lasting results by getting 2 herbal tea and 2 ointment tubes (the recommended plan) at once, which even comes with a discount, rather than ordering one, cos we can't promise the availabilty of this combo after this week as it's going out fast and we have few stock left.


    Q: How do I get my FREE copy of the Natural Cures eBook?

    A: Once you receive your package, details to getting your Natural Cures eBook worth GH₵250 for Free will be provided inside your package.


    Q: Where is your office address?

    A: Our office address is in Accra. But we deliver Nationwide and the beauty of it is, You Pay on Delivery.


    WARNING: Pls don't collect the tube if the cover is broken. Kindly give us a call immediately via 020 234 7549.

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