More Than 6 Years Battling With Pile (haemorrhoids), My Worst Moments & How I Have Been Relieved!... - true life story

I Never Thought I'd Share This Someday But After Getting Same Testimonials from about 7 different persons, I just couldn't help but let the world know about this solution - Pile is Crazy!


My name is Janet, I lived in Temale before I got married and relocated to Accra. 

If you landed on this page, that means it’s either you’re having issues with PILE or you know someone who does. 


Either ways, this is going to be one of your best days ever, if you read my experience to the end, trust me. 


I have been battling with Pile or what is also known as haemorrhoids for the past almost 6 years now. The experience has been really bad especially anytime I stool. 


It became so bad that I was always scared going to the toilet, such that most times I delayed going to stool even when I’m pressed.  I was told my pile is in stage 3 already, Jeeeezzz!


The worst of it all was most times when I stool, I bleed seriously. 


There was virtually nothing I’ve not tried ranging from local medicines to taking advices of not eating much pepper, much meat, oil and all that. 


Anytime I stool and my “anus” comes out, that will virtually be the worst day for me, and when unlucky, maybe I was out. 


Like there was a day I went out and had to stool in a public place, my anus came out again, and I had to go back home, damn! That was the worst day of my life. 


The pains while walking home was so terrible, I couldn’t hold it but started tearing up - I was crying seriously that I preferred fainting on the road that day than going through such pains. 


Thank God for my husband. He has bought so many medicines for me to use, different types of medications, not until the day he brought one “pack” from his office. 



He has a logistics company, so one of his customers was sending this pile solution combo to someone in Kumasi, that was when it got his attention and he got one as usual for me. 


When he brought it home I was feeling reluctant to use it. I didn’t use it for over 2 months, not until this fateful day. 


I went to the toilet again, this time I bled seriously. My anus was out and it didn’t go back for like 2 days!



Normally, if my anus comes out like that, I tend to squat to make it go in back, in pains. 


But this time, it stayed 2 days and counting... then immediately I sighted this pack my husband got; I had no choice but to give it a trial...




That was definitely my case. After applying the ointment around my anus region; it was a bit hot tho, I had to fan my ass. 

But guess what...


It didn’t take up to 30 minutes, my anus went inside back!

That’s not all

Most time when I used to squat and allow it goes inside, I still feel serious pains around my anus but with this solution, I didn’t feel NO pain. 

It went in and I felt extremely Normal. 


Infact the next time I went to the toilet, my stool was very solid and I was fine! 

There was this Herbal tea alongside as well which I now started taking and it has been so amazing; for the first 2 weeks of using the Pile Herbal Tea and Ointment I Felt Relieved Greatly!



Truth is surgery is a dangerous remedy to pile/haemorrhoids, I heard of a man that did surgery and lost his life due to the pains and all that. But with this solution, comes a great and final remedy to this pile wahala (like my Naija pple will say)

Trust me, this has been the best thing that ever happened to my pile sickness since the past 6 years. 


I decided to get more of this to help more people having this same issue cos I’ve been there and I know the PAINS that comes with this. 


It’s extremely Painful that I don’t wish my enemy to experience it.

I got 50 packs of this combo, of which as you are reading this right now, we are left with 17 already. 

Click HERE Now to see what it looks like and secure yours before it runs out of stock cos I can’t guarantee you it will last till this weekend. 

I will also show you a drug that was recommended by a medical expert that compliments this solution. 

When you use both you’re just gonna defeat this painful thing called Pile. 

Did I also mention that, other people who have used it have shared their testimonies with me.. click here to see them

If you have anyone suffering from this, pls share this link with them as you will be doing them a GREAT Favor. 

Click HERE Now to go access the solution before it is finished, less than 20 packs remaining already, and the beauty of it is, you will be getting it for wayyyyy less than I bought mine, cos I bought in bulk.


To your success,



PS: That's me and my baby in the pix above. Did I even tell you how I was so scared of taking in, let alone deliver a baby because of this Pile.. But thanks heaven, I delivered effortlessly.

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