Premature Ejaculation Solution

How My Small D*ck And Premature Ejaculation Made Me Sexless for Over 4 Years and Almost Made Me Remain Single For The Rest Of My Life!

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(My true life story)

Before the year 2013, I had two problems, closely related twin problems that had defiled every medication.

Small Penis And Quick Ejaculation

Don’t even know if you’d love hearing my boring, but heart pounding experiences in those 4 awful years…


No, I don’t think so.


But the truth is that, I remained a “castrated eunuch” for 4 whole years, can you believe that!.


It remained locked down till providence, or would I say luck smiled at me just last year September, 2017.


Funny enough; the GAME CHANGER was that simple!
I never believed such a simple stunt could mean this much difference in my sex life.


I’ll share exactly my breakthrough with you to solve the issue of small dick and quick ejaculation (if you’re experiencing same, please read on).


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The two most shameful problems I can ever imagine.

The worst part is, I only realized I got the second problem after I solved the first one. In these whole miserable years, I only thought my problem was just small penis, hell no!…


I never knew it was dragging its twin brother (premature ejaculation) along.


Before I finally decided to resign to my “no sex lifestyle”, two incidents happened.


Two black evil headed ugly incidents.

Ugly incident #1:

Once with a girlfriend, yea we were dating as at that time, and we were in bed for the first time. 


I ravaged her for hours giving her oral sex and all kinds of things. She kept trying to touch my cock, but I would stop her because I was afraid that she would be disappointed. When I finally allowed her touched it, I could tell that she was a bit surprised. 


Even though she tried to hide it. 


Later in our relationship, she finally confessed (after much prodding by me) that she was indeed shocked that my cock was so small. She was used to the ones that were much larger – like seriously!!!. 

She finally dumped me 🙁


Ugly incident #2:

I was fucking this babe while she lay in the prone position. 


I popped out, and didn’t even realize it. 


I just kept going. Finally she told me that I was no longer inside her. Not only did I not realize it, but I had not been inside her for SEVERAL minutes, and had no clue. 


And for your information, this has happened on more than one occasion, but this very lady finally did the unimaginable to me.


Over a slight quarrel, she went broadcasting everywhere that she’s been dating a “small man” – I mean, who does that, I don’t blame her tho!


This gave me the nickname “micro dick”, and ladies would sing that once they cite me around.


This was why I finally crossed it on everything sex, till last year.


You can’t believe the simple solution that worked for me… and has worked for many.


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